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When you click on the amount to pledge, a 'GoCardless' payment form will open requesting information to set up a RESTRICTED Direct Debit.

Restricted Direct Debit means that you will make a one-off payment ONLY.

We realise that the 'RESTRICTED Direct Debit' form could be confusing if you are not familiar with 'GoCardless'. Unfortunately, we cannot change the payment form. However, we want to assure you that it is impossible for us to collect more than the single payment that you pledge - as specified on the form.

After making the donation, it takes 'GoCardless' a week to withdraw the money from your account. When you receive the confirmation email that the transaction has been processed, you can delete the direct debit set in your account.

If you have any question please, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Bank Transfer from WITHIN the UK



Direct Bank Transfer to "Cubanos en UK" account.


Details are as follow:

Business Name: Cubanos en UK

Account Number: 20116505


Sort Code: 40-11-58


Reference: DONATION

IBAN: GB49 HBUK 40115 8201 16505





Address: Sir Johns Road, Birmingham, B297ER, UK

Bank Transfer from OUTSIDE the UK



Due to the extraterritorial application of US sanctions, transactions to our association account are continuously blocked because of the word "Cubanos" in the name of the association. It does not matter we explain that we are not violating the US sanctions on Cuba because no money is transferred to the island at any point but humanitarian aid for COVID-19 release such as disposable medical supplies: banks and platforms do not allow transactions to "Cubanos en UK" account. That is why we are using the personal account from one of the association board members to receive donations from outside the UK.


Details are as follow:

Account Holder:   Valia Rodriguez

IBAN:  GB58 NWBK 60063 7358 71288

Account Number:  35 871 288

Type of transaction:  Personal/To someone else/Friend

Please use as a payment Reference ONLY the term:  DONATION


Address:  Sir Johns Road, Birmingham, B297ER, UK is the quickest and cheapest way to carry out an international transference. But please, ONLY USE as reference the word "DONATION" and your name.


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